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We live in a time where social media marketing is an important and utility. Not long ago, many of the so-called experts would have called social media a passing fad that the “kids” would forget about once they graduated. Today, there are literally billions of people across the globe using social media and if you asked most experts today to name Google’s biggest source of competition, they’d probably say Facebook. If your business isn’t using social media to its fullest potential, you are leaving money on the table.

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Why is Social Media Good for Business?

All social media platforms have their place and each one is useful for certain types social media marketing. Platforms like LinkedIn are great for recruiting and offering professional services. Pinterest is ideal for bloggers, do-it-yourselfers and artists. Twitter has become the new go-to source for news media, and with all of the evolutionary changes Facebook has gone through, it can be effective in both B2B and B2C efforts.

We like to think of social media marketing the same way we do any other type of content on the internet. You wouldn’t say “my business doesn’t need online content,” would you? Rather, you would be more concerned with what type of content was being created, where it was being implemented and how potential customers were going to see it. That’s the approach we take with social media, we ask ourselves: what social media marketing platform should be used and what kind of content should be created on it? What type of posting schedule will we implement? What audience will we target that will be most receptive to our message?

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Should Paid Ads Be Part of My Social Media Marketing Strategy?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that should be taken with social media marketing for business. The same way that different types of content can be used to appeal to different users, different social media approaches are good for reaching different audiences. Organic posts, social media blogs and videos are great when you want to gain followers or establish trust and authority with your target audience. However, if you already have a known brand and are just looking for the most cost/time efficient way to boost sales, paid advertising might be a better social media marketing strategy to go with. Either way, as social media experts with over 10 years of experience we can help determine a social media marketing strategy that will work for your business.

Get Help with Social Media Marketing

We’ve been active as a social media marketing company since 2006, back when Twitter had about 100,000 users. We’ve watched it grow into a part of the internet landscape that’s vital to reaching customers with your businesses message. If you don’t feel like you have the time to cater to your businesses’ social media presence, there’s no need to worry. Contact us today so we can make social media work for you.

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