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Search Engine Optimization Company

Have you ever been curious about how search engines decide what website shows up where in search result listings?

Do you have aspirations for your business to rank high in search results?

Maybe one of your business goals for your Detroit company is to occupy one of the first spots within search engine results?

Well there is a method behind achieving all of these goals. Through the implementation of SEO marketing, your Detroit business can surpass your competition in search engine page rankings, which in the end will result in a larger reach to your target audience, increase your website’s overall traffic and facilitate more sales leads.

But What is SEO?

Read our Beginner’s Guide to SEO to learn everything you need to know to start today!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ties into digital marketing and is the science of increasing your website’s page rank on the “natural” or “organic” side of designated search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Search engines determine your website’s page ranks based off multiple factors involving the content on your website. These factors include the following but are not limited to:

Search engines look at this content within your website and use it to determine your overall search engine rank. Your overall rank is based on your website’s relevance and quality geared to the local market you are targeting, as well as the overall user experience.

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So, in simpler terms, SEO is the optimization of everything within your website. The overall goal of SEO is to create informative, relevant, high-quality and authentic content that is related to your Detroit business. Putting the best content out there will enable search engines to recognize your company’s website and which can result in an overall high search ranking.

The optimization of your website is one the crucial elements as you build for a successful business in the years to come. Optimization is essential to grow your business in the long-run, whereas Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or (Pay Per Click, PPC) is more of an immediate approach that strives for a quick Return on Investment (ROI).

Our Detroit SEO Company

So, why do you need an SEO agency for your Detroit business?

As we move forward into the digital age, more and more businesses are allocating time and money to digital marketing and SEO. Having an optimized website can give your Detroit website the search ranking you want. Your company’s website needs to occupy one of the first five spots within the local search results in order for you to gain needed traffic and generate sales leads. Having an optimized website will give your local business the upper hand over your competition within the local Detroit and Metro Detroit markets.

However, there are no guarantees in Detroit Search Engine Optimization, or anywhere for that matter, for high page rank, but there are a number of proven techniques that will enhance your search results. has been a leader in SEO since the year 2006.

At we are the SEO specialist you need to enhance your business’s overall search results. As a Detroit search engine optimization expert, we know what it takes to achieve high page rankings in the local Detroit and Metro Detroit markets. Our SEO specialists have found the best methods for creating and generating the best-optimized website content.

Our SEO specialists look at the long-term and focused approach for your Detroit business. We take the needed time in order to improve your page rankings on the various search engines previously listed. A SEO company, such as Ottaway Digital, can develop Search Engine Optimization initiatives for your website to rank higher in whatever category you may choose.

As an experienced Search Engine Optimization company, can raise your page rank, increase your overall traffic and provide you with “free” user clicks. To get an understanding of the how important SEO has become, take a look at this third-party graphic showing average SEO spends for various organization sizes, types and countries. This graphic gives you an idea of the popularity SEO has developed over the last couple of years and the cost SEO firms are charging for their services.

Read more about how to choose the best Detroit SEO company for your specific needs.

As one of the local SEO firms within the Detroit area we have the skill set to help improve your website’s content as well as generate and update new content that can then be indexed and ranked by various local search engines.

SEO Services for Your Detroit Business

Our Detroit SEO services can help your local business achieve high search rankings on all search engines. We have an expert staff of SEO specialists that can provide your Detroit business with SEO services that will exceed your expectations, ensuring you a chance of ranking high within the search results.

How do we do it?

Our SEO Services involves the process of understanding your industry and investigating what methods are best to be used to increase your website SEO.

Increasing your website’s overall page rank is a long-term process. Depending on your current site ranking, will determine the length and time it will take to increase your overall search engine rank. However, there is no need to worry, our SEO experts are prepared for any challenge. We have years of experience developing multiple SEO campaigns for a wide variety of clients, not only within Michigan but as well the entire United States.

The key to the success of our SEO Services is that we know the Detroit market and what it takes to obtain a high rank in the search results. As SEO professionals, we take the time to research trends, local competitors and other factors that tie into SEO and use that to create a SEO campaign that is tailored to your Detroit business.

This includes researching multiple aspects including keyword phrases, social media, competitor analysis, etc. The techniques and measures we take in our SEO services make us the best local SEO company in the Detroit area.

Here is a breakdown of our process:

  • We listen to the overall goals you have for your business.
  • We assess your current website.
  • We determine what needs improvement based on our research and knowledge.
  • We create a SEO campaign tailored to your business.
  • We conduct keyword research, competitor analysis and identify local trends.
  • We optimize your website based on our findings.
  • We continuously monitor and update your website, ensuring you are continuing to grow.

Regardless of your SEO needs, whether it be the development of a brand-new site, optimization of content or simply handling your company’s social media accounts, our Detroit SEO Specialists have the skill set, expertise and resources to achieve your company’s search engine rank goal.

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