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What they say about you does matter

Reputation Management is a consulting service that Ottaway Digital offers where the client company is experiencing negative posts about it, its employees, its services and its products that are returned on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Obviously negative comments and reviews are not helpful for people to see who may be in the market to do business with your company.

Regardless of what you may read… no reputation management company can get Google or any other search engine to take those posts down. They generally don’t magically disappear either. Some companies that you probably have heard advertised on the radio even claimed that their I.T. people had cracked Google’s code. Untrue.

Reputation Management consists of:

  1. Monitoring the web for mention of your company.

  2. Establishing a strategy of response, if any.

  3. Preparing documentation for the client.

  4. Writing content to negate the post, where appropriate.

  5. Proposing a code of conduct at the client company to avoid pushing customers to the point of posting negative reviews.

Let’s be honest…Ottaway Digital cannot prevent the posting of negative comments by your customers. No reputation management firm can do that. Only you, the client company can do that. Working with Ottaway Digital to achieve that enviable position is a part of our services that is much valued by our current clients.

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