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Sales Lead Generation

For every business there is always one overall goal…increase profits.

Typically, this is either done by increasing revenue or cutting costs. However, you can only cut costs so far before it becomes unproductive to your business. So, that leaves your business searching for a way to increase revenue and overall profits.

At Ottaway Digital, we can help you meet your profit goals”

As we both know, increasing profits is every marketer’s job. You wouldn’t be here searching for help if you could do it all on your own. As your inbound marketing service providers, we can help you meet your profit goals and continuously generate sales leads for your business over time.

How to Get Sales Leads for Free

As technology continuously evolves, the way we conduct business evolves as well.

What if we told you there is a way to get sales leads for free?

graphic for email marketing around the world

Although traditional marketing is still relevant in today’s age, methods such as cold calling prospects are becoming less common. With traditional marketing, you are allocating a lot of extra money and man power into a method that has no certainty in generating you sales leads. So, let your business’ website be your sales team.

In our high-tech world, your universe of prospects is basically unlimited as the internet has exponentially expanded your marketing area. The popularity of potential customers using a search engine to find what they are look for has become the primary focus for all digital marketing agencies. We know the importance of having our clients appear on page one of any search engine ranking page.

Sales leads live and die on search pages. Business owners understand that the best method for generating leads is to continuously appear in front of as many prospects as possible and to relay a message that builds brand awareness. This in the end will result in more traffic to the business’s website and increases the chances of creating a customer.

Where Free Sales Leads Come In:

Through proper website design, social media and SEO you will begin generating free sales leads. Although at first you may have to pay for a complete website rebuild or allocate money into social media campaigns and other services to increase traffic, with time you will begin generating leads for free!

If done right, you can cut the costs of traditional marketing and have your business’ website generate the sales leads for you…for free.

At Ottaway Digital, we are experts in generating free sales leads through the use of our inbound marketing services. Learn from our inbound marketing experts what it takes to generate sales leads for free. We have the information that can help you maximize your business’ website and shows you how to generate sales leads for free:

  • How to Generate Leads Without Cold Calling: Learn how to generate sales leads for your business using the newest methods in digital marketing. Learn how to grow your business and create sales leads while eliminating the need for cold calling.
  • Sales Leads Tips (Part 1): Learn how your business’ website can become your sales team. See what it takes to generate more leads from your website. Learn the steps to get you started.
  • Sales Leads Tips (Part 2): Learn about how to keep your website fresh and what you should be doing in order to generate free sales leads with your business’ website.

Inbound Marketing Services for Lead Generation

All our inbound marketing services can increase your sales leads in one way or another. However, it’s not that simple. There is no “one size fits all” method for continuously generating sales leads. It is time-consuming and hard work. But, as your lead generation consultant, we are up for the task. Here is a breakdown of some of our inbound marketing services we provide that can help you generate sales leads:

  • Email Marketing: With email marketing we can reach thousands of potential customers. We create personalized messages in order to build relationships with your prospects. We take into account the content created as well as the frequency and success of each email we send out.
  • Social Media Marketing: Our social media experts will assemble a social media plan that will increase engagement and overall traffic to your website. This is done through the creation of informative and authentic content directed toward your prospects and target market.
  • Marketing Automation: We have the tools, software and expertise at our disposal to nurture your prospects. Through personalized, informative and authentic content we can turn your prospects into customers.
  • On-Page Call to Actions: We can create on-page call to actions featured throughout landing pages of your website. We know the best methods for getting you the sales conversions. Through proper form set-up, placement, taglines and overall web design, we know what it takes to get a customer to commit to your product or service.
  • Gated Content: If you are focused more on B2B lead generation, we can provide you with gated content in order to build trust with prospects as well as increase your brand’s visibility. Use content gates to create contacts and build relationships with potential customers.

With our sales lead generation services, it is our job to understand your objectives and use the tactics in our arsenal of marketing tools to meet your business goals. All of our inbound marketing services will contribute in one way or another to increasing your leads.

Our Inbound Marketing Agency

Why choose Ottaway Digital?

At Ottaway Digital, we can continuously generate free sales leads for your business”

Each of our services listed are nowadays ubiquitous…thousands of agencies, consultants and even CPA firms are offering similar services with the promise of getting you more leads.

However, at Ottaway Digital we have been doing this since the beginning. We have years of knowledge and experience facilitating sales leads for hundreds of clients world-wide. We get the results and we can prove it.

At Ottaway Digital we have mastered the lead generation process. Our process for lead generation has helped our clients get their business in front of the right people, brought traffic to their website and has continuously increased sales conversions year after year. Below is a look into how we do it:

  • We research your target market to understand your potential buyers.
  • We conduct research on your competitors.
  • We create the most effective plan for increasing your business’s visibility.
  • We utilize our marketing tools to facilitate traffic.
  • We set up conversion goals to measure the overall success.
  • We continuously optimize and create authentic content to keep your website fresh.

Measuring Sales Leads Generation

Any lead generation company can tell you how successful their inbound marketing strategies are. At Ottaway Digital we show you!

man on a laptop looking at sales graphs

With our inbound marketing services, we will show you exactly how many conversions you have made as well as the overall performance of our inbound marketing strategies. We show you real numbers through the use of Google Analytics, social media engagement reports and our other marketing tools.

We create goals specifically to show you the number of people engaging with your website including all aspects such as if a customer had “liked” your social media post or has submitted their contact information. We are transparent with what we do and pride ourselves on the success we have had generating sales leads for our clients. Every month you will see the results of our inbound marketing program.

If you are ready to begin generating sales leads for free through the implementation of our inbound marketing services, contact us today. At Ottaway Digital we get you in front of potential buyers and in the end generate sales leads for your business. Our goal is to continuously generate sales leads for your business and to increase the amount of potential customers you reach!

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