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Ottaway Digital has helped our company (Mooney Movers Inc) extraordinarily. They have given us sound advice and have built our website to help grow our business. Ottaway Digital also helps to optimize our website. We are very pleased with their services and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them.

Kathy Baca

Mooney Movers Inc.

These guys are the REAL DEAL! They rebuilt my website and it went from an average website to looking super professional and modern. And the way they work with their customers and include them in all decisions made was beyond my expectations. The whole team is extremely knowledgeable in all things digital and SEO and the guys I worked with were always available, day and night, and would instantly take care of any issues I may have had. They took care of all my SEO needs and brought many customers to my website. Again they are the real deal! I highly recommend Ottaway digital for all your digital needs. Thank you guys!

Karim Benjamin

Owner of OMG Oils

Bob Ottaway and his team are fantastic. They designed my new website and I purchased the SEO package. I already had a very well established company with lots of successful marketing but they were able to take my online presence to the next level. I am VERY picky and I had high expectations and many requirements going into this project and Ottaway was able to meet all of my goals. Not only that, but they did so in a very professional and timely manner.

Robert Strunks

RMS Drill

ECommerce SEO

Navigating the world of online retail? You’ll quickly realize that being seen is half the battle. That’s where e-commerce SEO steps in, ensuring your store doesn’t just blend into the digital crowd. At Ottaway Digital, we’ve been mastering this craft since 1999 from our Detroit hub. We combine tried-and-true methods with a touch of modern flair to get your online store the attention it deserves. With us, it’s not just about algorithms and rankings; it’s about understanding your business and making it resonate with your audience. Ready to elevate your online presence? Let’s get started.

ECommerce SEO FAQ

What Is ECommerce SEO and Why Is It Important?

E-commerce Search Enigne Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing an online store in order to improve its ranking and visibility in search engine results. This optimization enables products and services offered by the online store to rank higher in search results, ultimately leading to increased organic traffic and potential sales. A well-optimized e-commerce site attracts more visitors and provides a seamless user experience, encouraging conversions and repeat business.

At Ottaway Digital, we recognize the significance of e-commerce SEO in today’s competitive digital landscape. With our extensive experience dating back to 1999, we’ve honed our skills and strategies to ensure that our clients’ online stores are not only visible but also dominant in search results. Leveraging our expertise, we craft tailored SEO strategies that drive results, ensuring that our client’s products are front and center when potential customers search online.

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How Does ECommerce SEO Differ From Traditional SEO?

Traditional SEO focuses on optimizing websites to rank higher in search engine results for a broad range of search term keywords. In contrast, e-commerce SEO is specifically tailored to online stores, emphasizing product and category pages, category pages, and user experience. This specialized approach considers elements like product descriptions, user reviews, and transactional keywords to ensure that online stores attract potential buyers.

At Ottaway Digital, we understand the nuances that set e-commerce SEO apart from traditional SEO. Our Detroit-based team is adept at crafting strategies that cater specifically to online retailers, ensuring that every product page, image, and piece of content is optimized for maximum visibility, ultimately leading to more sales. Our goal is to ensure that when customers are ready to purchase, our client’s products are the first they see.

What Key Features Should I Look for in an ECommerce SEO Service?

When seeking an e-commerce SEO service, it’s essential to look for expertise in keyword optimization, site structure, product page optimization, and mobile responsiveness. Additionally, the service should offer comprehensive analytics reporting to track performance and make necessary adjustments. Above all, a good e-commerce SEO strategy is data-driven.

At Ottaway Digital, we pride ourselves on offering a full-service e-commerce SEO service that covers all these bases and more. Our approach is rooted in decades of experience, ensuring that our client’s online stores are optimized for users as Google rolled out its Helpful Content Update.

This changed the algorithm to boost the ranking of sites with people-first content and punishes sites that are writing simply for a higher ranking from Google. The new Helpful Content Update also updated the algorithm to punish sites with duplicate content. Original content is now a key ranking factor in a page on your site appearing in organic search.

From keyword research to site architecture, we handle every aspect of e-commerce SEO with precision and expertise. We also specialize in building e-commerce websites, meaning we can optimize your site from its foundation and up. You can learn more about our e-commerce web development services on our Shopping Cart page.

How Can an Agency Optimize My Product Pages for Maximum Visibility?

Optimizing product pages involves a combination of people-first content, keyword-rich descriptions, high-quality images, user reviews, and clear calls to action. Ensuring that each product page is structured correctly and contains relevant and engaging content is crucial for attracting potential buyers. The goal is to get your website on page one and position one for various keywords.

At Ottaway Digital, our team optimizes each product page to ensure maximum visibility. We delve deep into keyword research to ensure product descriptions resonate with potential customers’ search queries. Coupled with our expertise in content marketing and web design, we enable every product page to rank high and convert visitors into buyers.

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How Crucial Is Mobile Optimization in E-Commerce SEO Services?

Mobile optimization is extremely important in e-commerce SEO, as the mobile-to-desktop split is almost always 60-40 for ecommerce sites. With a significant portion of online shopping occurring on mobile devices, ensuring an online store is mobile-responsive can significantly impact sales and user experience. A mobile-optimized site ensures users can easily browse products, read descriptions, and purchase from their smartphones or tablets.

Recognizing the importance of mobile optimization, Ottaway Digital places a strong emphasis on ensuring that our client’s online stores are fully responsive and user-focused. We ensure that every element, from product images to checkout processes, is tailored for mobile users, providing a seamless shopping experience regardless of the device used.

What Common Mistakes Should I Avoid When Choosing E-Commerce SEO Services?

When selecting e-commerce SEO services, avoiding agencies that promise quick results without a clear strategy is essential. Marketing is not a button you can push and get immediate results from, so be wary of agencies that promise this. It’s also crucial to steer clear of services that use old SEO techniques, like search-engine-first content and keyword stuffing, which can lead to penalties in rankings. Instead, focus on agencies that offer transparent methods, comprehensive reporting, and have a proven track record.

With Ottaway Digital, clients can be assured of transparent, ethical, and effective e-commerce SEO strategies. Our listing as one of the Best Detroit SEO Agencies in 2022 by Expertise.com speaks to our commitment to excellence. We avoid shortcuts and instead focus on proven strategies that drive sustainable results for our clients. To learn more about our the success stories our clients have had working with us, check out our case studies page.

What Success Metrics Will Indicate My E-Commerce SEO Investment Is Paying Off?

Key success metrics for e-commerce SEO include increased organic traffic, higher search engine rankings for targeted keywords, improved conversion rates, and increased sales. The overall goal of your agency should be to get your website ranked position one on page one for high search volume keywords. If your agency can do this, the increased traffic, improved conversion rates, and rise in sales will soon follow. Regularly monitoring these metrics provides insights into the effectiveness of the SEO strategy and areas for improvement.

At Ottaway Digital, we believe in transparency and regular communication. Our clients receive comprehensive analytics reports detailing the performance of their e-commerce SEO strategy. We celebrate the wins and continuously refine our approach, ensuring that our clients’ investments in e-commerce SEO consistently deliver a strong return.

Are There Specific Tools or Platforms the Agency Uses for E-Commerce SEO Analysis?

For effective e-commerce SEO, agencies often rely on a suite of specialized tools and platforms. These tools assist in keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, competitor benchmarking, and performance tracking. By leveraging these platforms, agencies can gain insights into the online store’s current SEO health and areas that require optimization.

At Ottaway Digital, we utilize a range of industry-leading tools and platforms to ensure our e-commerce SEO strategies are data-driven and effective. Our team is always researching to stay updated with the latest advancements in SEO technology, ensuring that our clients benefit from the most cutting-edge analysis and strategies. By harnessing the power of these tools, we provide our clients with actionable insights and a clear roadmap to e-commerce success.

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