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Content Marketing Agency in Detroit

What are your business goals for your Detroit area company?

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  • Is it to facilitate more sales?
  • Is it to gain more investors?

Well, in regard to your overall marketing strategy, every business should have the goal to get to Page One organically on any search engine.

Why? Page One is the only place where the sales leads are. We like to call Page One “Lead Generation City.”

A Journey to Lead Generation

At Ottaway Digital, our creative content writers have created a roadmap to Lead Generation City and the deeds to the first five properties on the Organic side. We’re being a little tongue in cheek to make the point here that the “real estate” on Page One of a Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is all that should matter to your Detroit business. Occupying one of these spots is key to getting the sales that your Detroit business needs.

Ottaway Digital takes the varied and complicated steps necessary to achieving a page one ranking for your Detroit business.

A recent study by Chitika revealed that the first five organic listings on Page One of a SERP get 75% of all of the organic user clicks.

The study done by Chitika is a clear example that organic is all that matters when it comes to getting sales leads! Even AdWords are not as effective as having an organic listing. You see, it really is “all or nothing.” There are no “honorable mentions” in Lead Generation City. You either show up on page one and get the clicks, or you don’t…literally. So, what does this all mean for your business?

Well, as we move further into the digital age, traditional marketing is becoming a thing of the past for most small businesses. Your marketing efforts should begin focusing more on creating an effective content marketing plan in order to get your product or service in front of your target audience.

Our Creative Content Writing Agency in Detroit

So, how exactly do you show up on Page One for search results?

Content creation is a big factor in the success for ranking high on Google search results. That is why here at Ottaway Digital, our expert staff has a team made up of creative content writers supervised by a content leader who specializes in local trends, Google algorithms and content marketing strategies. We have the resources and expertise to create a content marketing plan tailored to your business. We know the ins and outs of content marketing. We know what it takes to successfully land a spot in the organic search listings!

Google esteemed engineer, Matt Cutts, who oversees Google “PageRank” has stated this over and over again. All of the Google algorithm changes within the past two years…Panda, Penguin, Payday…have targeted “spammy” sites, and in doing so, have pushed these sites way off of Page One. The days of keyword stuffing and uploading poor content are over. You need to stay on top of these algorithms, ensuring the safety of your page rank and overall website.

That being said, not only does our content team have the skills for getting your business to page one throughout the Detroit and entire metro community for many keyword phrases, but we also strive to maintain your website’s content, ensuring you keep the page rank your business deserves. Ottaway Digital takes the varied and complicated steps necessary to achieving a page one ranking for your Detroit business.

However, even then, nobody can ever really guarantee anybody a listing on page one of a Google search engine results page. Why?

One Small Issue

Competition. If there were no other sites competing for your keywords you would be virtually guaranteed a page one rank on Google. Of course, you know this would never be the case. Plenty of businesses today are allocating more money into content marketing and are doing the exact same thing that you are.

However, at Ottaway Digital we understand the components that are necessary to get to page one of Google and how to pass your local competition. Google tells us there are more than 200 variables, called algorithms that they use to assess you and your competitor’s websites in order to determine your page rank. But they will only disclose a few. We stay on top. We know much of what Google looks for and how they determine which website deserves what ranking.

Content Marketing Services for Detroit Businesses

Paraphrasing Google’s distinguished engineer, Matt Cutts, content centered around keywords within your website should focus on using them naturally in the copy on your website’s pages. In other words, one factor Google uses when ranking website’s is based on the natural use of keyword phrases within your website, as well as the page’s authenticity.

Fresh content has always been an important factor for ranking on page one of Google Search results. Getting and maintaining that fresh content is the difficult part. Most companies simply don’t have the time to keep up with is. Of course, that’s why you’re here.

Content Marketing Services

Our services can be purchased as a part of our complete search engine optimization program, or simply on its own.

Our content marketing services can offer your business fresh content and a chance to outrank all your competitors in the local market. Our content marketing effort combines the use of different types of content in order for you to achieve and maintain the necessary page rank you need to facilitate sales.

Now, Ottaway Digital introduces its Online Content Marketing Service designed specifically to spotlight your website, by spotlighting your business through the use of creative and optimized web content including blog posts, optimized web pages, effective call to actions, video content and many more factors that play a role in content marketing.

We offer three levels of monthly service to get your business to page one of Google search results. Our services can be purchased as a part of our complete search engine optimization program, or simply on its own.

With our content marketing services, your business will achieve:

  1. Improved organic search rankings.
  2. Increased website traffic.
  3. More influence and authority for your brand.
  4. More qualified sales leads.

Make no mistake:

This is not a short-term process. Achieving a high ranking on Google Search results is ambitious and takes time. But many, if not all, can be reached given the right expertise, knowledge and preparation. Now is the time to take the upper hand over your competition. With our content marketing services, we can provide you with genuine and optimized content for your website. We keep it fresh! We create and maintain content that is relevant to your industry and focuses on getting your business in front of the right clientele.

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