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Oakland County – Transit Millage Proposal – Adwords

Client Challenge: As with any proposal, Oakland County wanted to maintain a neutral position with the Transit Millage Proposal while raising awareness about the proposal. The county wanted to inform as many eligible voters as possible about the proposal in the two weeks leading up to the election.

Our Solution: Using Google Adwords, our pay-per-click (PCP) specialists dove into keyword research to find the keywords that would reach the most people in the county. Using those keywords, we crafted an enticing ad that informed the public about the Transit Millage Proposal. By defining our target audience and location, we could zero in on the specific demographic to target while keeping the cost per click low to stay within the client’s budget.

In the 11 days leading up to the November 8, 2022, election, we generated hundreds of thousands of impressions and tens of thousands of clicks. The ad was shown just to residents of Oakland County so there was no waste, which is important for a government entity.

Besco Commercial & Besco Water – Web Build

Client Challenge: Besco is a water treatment company that came to us wanting to build their online presence. They had both B2B and B2C elements of their business that they weren’t sure how to position online.

Our Solution: To avoid customer confusion, our content strategy team decided that it was best to keep the B2B and B2C aspects of their business separate. Upon client approval after the presentation, we built, designed, and launched two separate websites: Besco Commercial for B2B and Besco Water for B2C.

Our engineers, web designers, and content team collaborated to produce two multi-page websites encompassing Besco’s brand. We tailored the Besco Commercial site to appeal to business owners and the Besco Water site to appeal to potential customers who wanted to purchase treated water or install a water treatment system.

We created contact and estimate request forms and researched keywords to optimize each page we wrote. The site is organized to be user-friendly, outlining the services offered on service tiles and clear site navigation on the menu. In addition, we added software to accept payment online for the residential site.

Since the launch of both websites, Besco Commercial & Besco Water created an online presence that became a force to be reckoned with. Their websites have increased brand awareness and significantly increased their revenue, allowing them to expand and offer services nationwide.

Cowboy Coffee – E-Commerce

Client Challenge: Located in tourist-centric Jackson Hole, Wyoming, people from all over the country and the world could not get enough of Cowboy Coffee’s ‘taste of the Old West.’ Inundated with requests to ship their signature roasted coffee beans, Cowboy Coffee needed an E-Commerce store added to its website, but they had no idea where to start.

Our Solution: Our in-house professional web developers and designers worked with the Cowboy Coffee team to bring their vision of their online store to life. We guided them through how to use the back end to manage shipping and payments, and now their coffee beans are available for purchase.

Since the initial launch, the online store’s success has allowed them to expand their product range. The e-commerce site now offers eight different caffeinated blends, two decaf blends, and Cowboy Coffee ‘Stash Bags’ in different sizes. They even offer their own version of K-cups, ‘Cow Cups,’ and a variety of merchandise, including mugs, koozies, hats, t-shirts, and stickers.

Cowboy Coffee’s success with its online store has given it the resources to expand its one brick-and-mortar location to three different locations. In addition to its original location in Jackson Hole, the Cowboy Coffee team opened a new drive-through location in Jackson, Wyoming, and they just recently opened their Big Sky, Montana location in 2023. – SEO

Client Challenge: As a startup software as a service (SaaS) company, gaining a market share to increase traffic to their website proved to be a challenge for They needed a strong SEO strategy to increase their market share and website visibility to increase traffic and take their parking software nationwide.

Our Solution: While we rebuilt their website as a separate service, our SEO strategy mainly focused on rewriting content and showing off their expertise. As a SaaS company, knows the tech industry well, but sometimes, the tech jargon goes above customers’ heads. We repositioned the content on the website to be accessible and understandable.

Through extensive keyword research, website reformatting, rewriting content, and creating new content, we more than doubled their market share in a two-year period. Since ParkingPass started with us in April 2021, they now rank for 30 new keywords. Out of those 30 new keywords, ParkingPass is on page 1 of Google for 19 of them.

Through our customized SEO strategy, we tripled their website’s visibility on Google, increasing their website traffic by over 25% within a two-year period. This online success allowed to expand its Florida-based business to major cities across the US, like Houston, Chicago, Denver, and Las Vegas.

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