ANSWER: To get his ranking up!
How about you? How about your site? As we head into the busy fall selling season, not to mention holiday sales beginning in August online, how are you going to get sales leads to keep your business running strong through 2020?
  • Buy AdWords? (Can work well if written aggressively. Still stop running as soons as your credit card stops paying per click.)
  • Social Media? Organic Reach now down to about a 2%
  • Create your own leads from your website? The best conversion rate by far. Cheapest in the long run, but involves investment upfront which scares off many.
So far 2020 has been a total surprise to say the least. Lots of businesses closing…some temporarily, some for good. We’re survivors, so we only look at the glass half-full. We can’t imagine any other way.
So now is the time to take advantage of the store closings, competitors failing and Jeff Bezos being investigated by Congress. Plan your strategy now and we’d suggest for your base advertising budget:
  • All ages: YouTube
  • Over 35: Facebook
  • Over 65: Facebook’s fastest growing group
We work with all media. We have no favorites. We recommend what we know will work on each particular strategy. However, when it comes to reach, you need the two above in place first…before you do any other advertising.
And don’t make the two biggest Facebook mistakes we see over and over: (1) Too little budget. (2) Too big of geo-target.
Why does this happen? Facebook does not require a minimum budget. Nor does YouTube. But that doesn’t mean that the budget you decide will deliver sales. It’s Detroit, Michigan. Market #14. A $100/day budget is nothing! Spend more or don’t waste your money.
Onward and upward!

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