What’s in your sales pipeline?  How many leads that is?  If it’s few, you’re probably cutting deals.  If it’s pretty full, you’re holding your price.  And you know what happens when they see that; they want your product or service even more.

So how do you create a full pipeline?  Here are some steps:

  1. MULTIPLE CHANNELS FOR LEADS: Digital ads.  Traditional advertising.  Word of mouth.  Social media.  All are legitimate, but are they working?  Are you getting the sales?
  2. REFERRALS: Do you have any referral incentives?  Points?  Friends and Family promotions?
  3. GOOGLE CUSTOMER REVIEWS: If you’ve been reading our SEO Facts on a regular basis you know how valuable we believe Customer Reviews are.  In fact, they are mandatory.  We set up a special API for our clients to get these reviews.  Your webmaster can do that for your site too.
  4. WEBSITE LEADS: We have been getting businesses of all types leads on their websites since 2010.  We know that this is a fantastic and low-cost way of getting leads.  Plus they drive sales.  And, even better, the sales just seem to increase year after year.  You know what they say:  THE RICH GET RICHER!!!

Don’t miss out on more sales leads.  Follow the steps above to increase leads, and a fuller pipeline.  Is all of this easy?  No!  But is it the way forward?  Absolutely!


Onward and upward!


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