Google made another “core” update beginning May 4th. Google gave no information about the objectives of this update which is generally the case. What we can tell you based on our SEO research:
  1. E.A.T. STILL MATTERS: We have written about this before: Expertise. Authoritativeness. Trustworthiness. Still important in Google rankings. Some feel this update may have restored some of this juice that was taken away in the November 2019 update.
  2. “SERVICES” PAGES: It would appear that “generalized” pages fell. So if you have a website with all of your services listed on one page, your site may have taken a hit. Quality is very important to Google. Granular beats a blanket page.
  3. BACKLINKING: Sites that have been able to acquire high quality links are definite winners. This is the most difficult aspect of SEO but it is the most beneficial in achieving a higher page rank. This core update gave it even more juice.
  4. LOCAL SEARCH RANKINGS: For almost all of you, your local market is the target of your website and here Google will not say they made any changes. You may have actually seen improvement.
  5. WHAT TO DO? According to Google focus on: (1) Quality & Content (2) Expertise (3) Presentation & Production (4) Competitive Comparisons.
As stated previously, major disruptions provide a big opportunity to increase your market share. They also greatly affect engagement with your prospects. As we are “re-opening” be ready for your customers. Your website is your most important new business tool and it is often given the least love.
Onward and upward!

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