Look, the last 18 months have been a wild ride, but a real busy one for most…if not all… of you. With the holidays here and Winter upon us, some of you are asking about adding to your sales lead pipeline.   Here’s our strategy for more leads:


SEO:  All of the major players have now added SEO to their marketing budget.  It is your only chance to get free leads on the front page of Google.  It’s a long-term plan but it pays off in spades when done correctly.

BRANDING:  What do you stand for as the owner?  How will you set your moving company apart from the competition?  How will your customers remember their move with you?


GOOGLE ADWORDS:  You have to be on the front page of Google to have an opportunity for a lead.  Google Ads will put you there, but there is a strategy to making it work.  Be sure to work with someone with years of experience.  Ask them how much money have they spent with Google?  It should be in the millions of dollars.

GOOGLE “GUARANTEED”:  This is pure lead generation.  This is Google competing head-to-head with companies that will sell you leads.  It takes about 8 weeks to set up.  Even if you don’t turn it on, you are wise to get prequalified.  To see if your business qualifies go to Google Local Ads or call us.

GOOGLE REMARKETING:  Ever look for an item at Home Depot and then see an ad for it pop up on just about every website you visit?  Welcome to Remarketing.  This will help with closing your prospects.

The long-term, consistent marketer will win.  The owner that is not afraid to stay the course and build her or his brand.  Our client, MJR Digital Cinemas, used the jingle we wrote for them for 20 years.  It went viral.  It’s on YouTube.  Discipline.  Never yielding to naysayers who only have short-term goals.

Onward and upward!


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