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Your prospects want to know who you are before they do business with you…especially if you are a smaller business and lack branding. To prove this, we can show you site after site of our clients where the About Us page is often the first or second one visited on their site and is always one of the most read.  So what’s the takeaway?

  1. ABOUT US PAGE:  This is a must.  Be sure your site has one…and not just a short paragraph.
  2. GET PERSONAL:  This is not a sales page.  Don’t reiterate what you are already saying on your other pages.  Tell the prospect about who you are, how the business was founded, and how it has grown over the years.
  3. COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Let the prospect know what you and your business are involved in within the community.  Are you a part of any national charity efforts? Demonstrate your authority in your business and industry.  This is how people consider you and your business.PICTURES OF YOUR TEAM:  It could be just management, or it could go beyond that.  Listing bios and years of service demonstrates even more credibility.

It seems so simple and straightforward, and yet so few owners do it.  Shy?  Want privacy?

Not a good thing when it is trying to get more sales from your website.  You’ve got to be “all in”!

Onward & Upward!

For more information: https://detroitseocompany.com/blog/seo-facts/tell-google-your-site-is-popular/

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