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Your Google My Business (GMB) Page is becoming more important than ever in getting sales leads, so that is why it is the focus of our newsletter today.  From Messaging to Chat to Booking to Quotes, the GMB page is prominently featured by Google so it is important to take advantage of all features available to your business category.  To see all U.S. categories click here.

Today we’ll explore the Request A Quote feature that is set up under the Message tab:

1. “REQUEST A QUOTE” BUTTON:  This is a feature that has been rolling out in various business categories for a year or so.  appears high up on the page and runs the full width of the page in blue.  Take a look at or to get a glimpse.

2. A notification is sent to the Primary Owner’s Gmail account and the messages can be accessed on the Google My Business dashboard via desktop or through the GMB app on mobile.

3. The questions or fields on the form developed by Google are limited to:

    •  Service Type:  local, out of state, packing, etc.
    • When
    • Details
    • Phone number

4. This is one more place to watch for leads, and may not be integrated into your CRM.

5. It does not trigger your website’s auto-responder, but the customer gets a message from Google that the request form was submitted.

6. The quality of your GMB page is now more important than ever as the prospect may never click on your website.

We’ll look at more next time.  Onward and upward!

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