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Sales Leads Begin with “Thumb-Stopping”

Why do some websites generate tons of moving leads daily and others don’t? It’s all about “thumb-stopping.”

Thumb-stopping:  Online content that captures someone’s attention enough to stop them from scrolling.  Source: New York Times, page B1, 12/01/20.

Ways to achieve thumb-stopping for your website:

  1. Expertise: Does your site clearly convey your expertise in your field?  Do you provide examples?  Anything exclusive?  Known for certain specialties?
  2. Authoritativeness: Are you providing examples of why you’re an authority in the moving business in your market?  Your position in your market?  Your leadership in a category?
  3. Trustworthiness: What is your site providing to the prospect to prove to them that you are reputable and should be trusted with their business?  For example: Brands carried. Customer Reviews. Third-party endorsements.  Awards.

If your site can’t prevent the prospect from scrolling right through it, it is not working.  Now with COVID-19 and the emphasis on mobile in general, most of our clients are seeing more traffic from mobile devices than from desktop.  This only emphasizes the need for “thumb-stopping” material on your site.

“Pretty” sites often don’t sell.  In fact, they often don’t even rank.  Engagement is key.

Onward and upward!

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