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OttawayDigital Mines Google “Holes” With Bryan Seely

Author of “Cyber Fraud: The Web of Lies” Seely brings his Local Search expertise to Ottaway.

Local Search is more important than ever for businesses and Google is the leader here providing 85% of the traffic, as stated by Mike Blumenthal, who writes a definitive blog on the topic according to “When Locksmiths Pick Pockets” headlining the Sunday Business section of the The New York Times, January 31, 2016. The article goes on to state that Mr. Seely is the unquestioned expert in the United States on Local Search as it relates to its display by Google.

Google Maps and Google “My Business” Are The Targets

As a function of how Google has established these services they are subject to sophisticated manipulation as stated in The Times article. Mr. Seely uncovered these holes and has advised Google of them…and has heard no response after many months. To combat these vulnerabilities Google enlists volunteers, known as Mappers, who work for free to refine and improve the Google products.

OttawayDigital and Bryan Seely have forged a relationship to provide Ottaway clients with the most up-to-date programs and analysis to allow them the greatest benefit for their online Google presence without violating any laws or acting unethically. The mission is to secure the best visibility possible on Google to businesses working with OttawayDigital.

OttawayDigital Clients Benefit and Move To The Front Of The Line

As more and more sales are based on Local Search, and since research by Chitika shows 91% of all users do not look beyond page one of their search results, the page rank of a business’ website is paramount. With the vast experience of the OttawayDigital staff, many of whom have been working on SEO for 10 years, and the vast knowledge of Bryan Seely of the Google algorithms, no stone will be left unturned in getting clients to the highest page rank possible on a Google search return.

Solving Lead Generation Problems For Businesses Of All Sizes

Make no mistake: It is vitally important for businesses of all sizes to be on the first page of a Google search engine query. Getting there involves hundreds of factors, almost all of which are kept secret by Google. But in this case there is an opportunity and this partnership of Mr. Seely and OttawayDigital intends to explore it and learn from it for the benefit of their clients.

About Bryan Seely

Known for being the only hacker to ever wiretap the U.S. Secret Service and F.B.I. which he did to point out flaws…not for malicious purposes…Bryan is an expert on Google holes in their search engine, and has written Google about them with no response. Bryan brings his wealth of knowledge to OttawayDigital and the whole world through speaking engagements and his book…now being edited at the recommendation of the Secret Service…entitled “Cyber Fraud: The Web of Lies”. It has been pulled down by Amazon Books, but will be republished soon.

About OttawayDigital

Ottaway Digital and its parent company, Ottaway Communications, Inc. are based in Troy, Michigan. Ottaway was founded in 1982 and has been a leader in the media and advertising business since that time. It specializes in website design and optimization, all forms of digital and search marketing, as well as the creation and placement of traditional advertising with media outlets throughout the country.

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