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Detroit Named One of the World’s Greatest Places in 2022 by Times Magazine

Out of a list of 50 destinations in the world, Michigan’s city of Detroit made the list created by Times Magazine. One of only five cities based in the United States to make the cut onto the Times’ list, Detroit is stated to be a “newfound glory.”

The Motor City has had its ups and downs, from its rich history and pioneering feats, it is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. Yet, the city has made its mark in history as a leader in growth and development and continues to innovate toward the future.

Detroit’s Resurgence

It has been almost a decade since Detroit filed for bankruptcy. The once great city was in a financial crisis but has now redeemed itself as a top landmark and destination. The Motor City was once a leader in manufacturing and development, and it has regained this reputation in the modern age.

Being the landmark for automobile development, Detroit is home to the three most prominent American automakers, Ford, Chrysler (now part of Stellantis), and General Motors. In addition, the city is now viewed as the newest home for the electrification of the automobile industry. These pushes to the future of the automobile industry and its partnership with America’s most significant automakers reestablishes Detroit as the Motor City.

The city is working on creating a more prosperous environment, with multiple shops and the soon-to-be-finished J.L. Hudson site and its magnificent 90-story skyscraper. This will provide more opportunities for the city to create events, jobs, living space, and public transit growth to meet the city’s needs.

Things to do in Detroit

Detroit continues to be the melting pot of cultures and history, making the city’s inclusivity and diversity solid anchoring points. 

Within the city, you will find landmarks such as the Renaissance Center, the home of General Motors and housing a 73-story hotel for visitors. Residents and travelers will find next to the Renaissance Center the Detroit River, where people gather to enjoy the water’s breeze, boat tours, and get a glimpse of the only place in the United States where you can head south into Windsor, Canada via the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

In addition to landmarks, the city is home to various restaurants and entertainment venues. From restaurants such as Midnight Temple serving Indian food to Basan serving residents and visitors Japanese robata. On the entertainment side, Detroit is home to Comerica Park and the Detroit Tigers, Huntington Place for conventions, and Belle Isle for an opportunity to disconnect from the bustle of the city and enjoy nature, all within the city!

Where is Detroit Heading 

The future looks promising for the city, with the continued boom in growth and popularity fueling developments and prosperity for the city, its residents and visitors. With automakers and entertainment creating more events and opportunities for the city, Detroit is headed towards being the modern age standard of what a city should be for both its residents and visitors.

Who knows what Detroit’s future truly does look like? However, with how the city is growing currently, we believe in Detroit continuing this reputation of “newfound glory” and prospering into the standard of city life and culture.

We’ve believed in Detroit forever and are proud to call Detroit home.

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