Why Web Video is Important to Your Digital Marketing

Web Video – The Important Tool for Your Digital Marketing

watching a video onlineWe’ve got some news. Some of you might not be surprised, but by 2021, virtually all digital media consumed on the internet will be video. According to numbers from Cisco, video will make up 81% percent of all content online. That’s a lot. In fact, it would already take more than 5 million years to watch all the videos currently uploaded. We’re going to throw a lot of numbers at you in this post, but, simply stated, the importance of video for your marketing strategy cannot be overestimated. Click here to learn more about 90 Second Web Video Marketing for your business.

Video Brings Engagement and Drives Conversions

Would you buy a product from behind a two-way mirror? That’s what your website is. Your business is who you are, and video allows your customer to look through that mirror to see who you are and what solutions you can offer for their problems. So, the number one reason you need video: video makes connections and connections convert customers.

Search Engines Love Video

Perhaps most importantly, video can help put you on the first page of searches. Pages with video are up to 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google SERPs. And that’s where you want to be, because the first page is where the sales are.

Video Holds Viewer Attention Longer

70% of viewers are going to watch more than one minute of your video, which is dramatically higher than engagement on text content. So, if you have a message (and we know you do), video is the best medium for reaching your viewers.

The Second Largest Search Engine in the World

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. And if that’s where your customers are asking questions, then that’s where you want to be with the answers.

The Best ROI in the Game

52% of marketers polled worldwide say video gives them their best ROI. 70% say video has the highest content conversion rate. Any more questions?

Boost Your Digital Marketing Game

So, if your business isn’t seeing the conversions you think it could be seeing, or your site needs an SEO boost (and let’s be honest, whose site doesn’t?) then implementing a web video content strategy to your marketing plan could be the way to do it. Web video, especially informative video under two minutes, gets dramatically higher engagement than text-based content. Contact Ottaway Digital if you would like to learn more, or leave a comment below!

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