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As you may know, Google is facing severe pressure in Congress as well as the EU about alleged anti-competitive practices.  As part of the proposed solution, it faces the prospect of spinning off its ad business to a third party.  What we are seeing:


  1.  Google has become the most prominent advertising medium in the world over the past 20 years.  Other than “awareness advertising,” it has no equal.
  1. How did this happen?  Geo-targeting.  Until Google, when you bought an ad online, it was shown throughout the world.  It was the Google engineers that figured this out and permitted single-location businesses to be able to geo-target.
  2. When people want to make a purchase, they “Google it.” About 94% do.  Only Amazon comes close in this ability to get people to visit them first before buying.  So being on the Front Page of Google is very important.
  3. So what went wrong?  Many complaints about Google favoring themselves in search results at the expense of third parties.  Has this ever happened to you?
  4. Where we see abuse is in the area of Google Customer Reviews and taking down negative reviews.  They hide behind “their policy” and have a very “cut and dry” attitude about NOT taking down obviously concocted reviews.  Right now, we have three moving companies with identical negative reviews by a person who never hired them, and Google refuses to take the reviews down.
  5. In addition, they are suspending Ads (AdWords) accounts summarily for discrimination when we use any combination of the word “house” as a keyword.  They think we’re selling houses when we’re moving households.  It takes an appeal of 5 days or longer to get the account reinstated.


So is there objectionable behavior by Google?  Yes.  Does it rise to the level of a break-up?  It is certainly looking that way.


Onward and upward!



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