Google Inc. certainly needs no sales endorsements. They are the biggest ad medium by far and they continue to grow. However, it is our job to tell you if we see a way for you to get more leads…and we do. Google Ads. Here’s why:


  •  94% OF BUYERS GO TO GOOGLE FIRST BEFORE THEY BUY: I keep seeing different numbers but it’s in the 90% range. Only Amazon comes close.
  • ADVERTISE TO PROSPECTS IN THE MARKET TO BUY: Nobody is searching “something you sell” for something to do. They do it because they have a need.
  • AUTOMATED BIDDING: Google is now using its immense bank of data (all of your past searches, websites you visit, youtube visits, etc.) to get more conversions for Google Ads customers. Your ad manager has to take the appropriate steps to use this feature, but it’s there.
  • MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS: One bidding choice. You may pay more for the click, but the Google data adds up to a click by a prospect that has a better chance of converting into a sale.
  • TARGET COST PER ACQUISITION: This seems like a big number. Maybe even a scary number to some of you, but it’s what you’re willing to pay on average for a viable lead. According to Google, this cost is at least $61 on average. You can see the cost of a new customer can be expensive.
  • BALANCE WITH SEO: Study after study seems to indicate that when used in conjunction with each other, more leads occur. These are Google studies, so you be the judge.


We’ve never managed more Google Ads for clients than now. Sure, it was a “tepid” summer for some industries, but “the big get bigger” too, and there’s no question that we’re seeing well-positioned companies looking to gain more real estate right now. We all know you’re either growing or shrinking. There’s no staying the same in business today.


Onward and upward!



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