90 Second Explainer Videos for Building Trust

How to Build Consumer Trust with Explainer Videos

How to Build Consumer Trust with Explainer Videos

If you want to show how your company can solve a consumer problem, for example, how your moving company specializes in apartment moves with long stairwells or how your coffee-roasting company follows fair trade practices, how do you do it? First you might write a blog post, then you might update your homepage with a blurb about it and create a new web page. But how can you be sure that web traffic is getting to your page, let alone reading all the copy that you painstakingly composed?

If your website visitors are only spending 30 seconds on your 800-word blog post, chances are they aren’t reading the whole thing. So how can you capture consumer attention quicker, and get the best return on your marketing investment?

With 90 Second Explainer videos, it’s possible not only to make sure you’re delivering your message in the most popular media format online today, we can measure exactly where engagement fall-off occurs and who makes it all the way to the end. And when your videos are only 90 seconds long, you can be sure that your videos are optimized for the most engagement (Wistia shows that video engagement drops after the two-minute mark).

What’s the Best Explainer Video Format for You?

So what format is best for your company? If the explainer video is for a B2C business rendering a service, explainer videos with a single speaker addressing the viewer is the best way to go. This gives your company a face, the same they might see when they buy your service. They can explain how-to prepare for your service or explain facets of your company, but no matter the subject it will help you build consumer trust.

For B2B communications, animated video or whiteboard explainer video production is the best format. CEOs and management want to see succinct explanations of why your service is the best, but they’re not as concerned about what the face of your company is. Animated videos are visually-engaging, and whiteboard videos with captions are perfect for those who want to watch your video on-the-go!

There are many different formats for explainer videos, and all of them are best-suited for a specific purpose. Contact us today if you’d like to learn what the Ottaway Digital Web Video Production Studio can do for your company.

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