6 Reasons Why You Need Web Video Marketing in the New Year

What’s the Big Deal with Explainer Videos?

videographer with tattoosIn 2018, video is expected to make up over 75% of all internet traffic worldwide. How’s that for a big deal? If a clear majority of content consumed online will be video, wouldn’t you want to get in on the ground floor?

Explainer video marketing benefits greatly outweigh the advantages of traditional content. From explainer videos to general video marketing, we’ll discuss six of the distinct ways you can implement video marketing strategies.

Explainer Video: The Biggest Video Marketing Trend

The dream with any marketing plan is that it can drive big sales numbers while also building consumer trust. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive, and if you don’t build a community and persona around your brand, consumer trust in your name will suffer. With explainer video marketing, you solve both problems.

#1: Explainer Videos Get Engagement and Drive Conversions

The first is driving sales numbers. It’s a pretty simple formula: the more engagements you have the more leads you get, and the more quality leads you get the more conversions you have that drive sales.

Online Audiences Are An Increasingly Visual Bunch—Did you know 65% of the population are visual learners?—who scoff at the idea of reading a 1,000 word blog post (except for you, our loyal readers, of course). So, you’ll want to offer a variety of content in mediums that serve your entire audience.

#2: Shorter is Better

Explainer video boasts consistently higher engagement and viewership than text content. In fact, explainer videos under two minutes, on average, get about a 70% engagement rate. Any explainer video content longer than two minutes sees a significant drop in engagement.

So, if you market your product or service with a series of 90 second explainer videos for your blog or website, you have the opportunity to drive more consistent engagement and get more conversions for your marketing dollars.

#3: Explainer Videos Offer Measurable Engagement

How many times have you posted a blog about your service, and wondered how many people read it? It’s probably not possible for anyone to read a 600 word blog post in 30 seconds, but it’s difficult to precisely measure viewer engagement, and see where it falls off exactly.

Enter, web video marketing. Explainer video content offers you the ability to see exactly where the highest engagement points are in your video and where engagement falls off, so you can make more precise adjustments to your video content. Now, that’s efficiency.

#4: Track Explainer Video Views

In the same way you can see where engagement comes and goes over the duration of your explainer video, you can track precisely how many views your explainer video has. And, if you attach your hosting page to a Facebook Pixel of Google analytics, you’ll be able to see precisely where those views came from.

#5: Google Loves Explainer Videos

Here’s a fact that we love: pages with explainer video content are 53 times more likely to end up on the first page of a Google SERP. The first page is the only page where the sales are.

#6: Explainer Videos are Easily Shareable

Web explainer videos are extremely social media-friendly. Who out of your friends has time to read that incredibly enlightening New Yorker article you just read today? Okay, now how many of those same people would have 90 seconds to watch an explainer video that could help them quickly solve a problem? The latter is probably a bit higher.

There are many different agencies offering quality explainer video content today, and we hope this post will help you decide on using video content. There are many less quantifiable benefits to using explainer videos, but we think these are the six most important reasons why you need to start using explainer videos and video marketing strategies today. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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