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How to Establish Brand Identity Through Website Design

The internet is full of websites and endless information. These websites are constantly trying to outshine one another. A brand’s website should be full of as much useful information as possible (emphasizing useful). This information is put in place with new and returning customers in mind. But, what information counts as useful? As the brains […]

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Mobile-First Indexing

As was announced last year, Google will now only base your site’s ranking on its Search Pages by your mobile site’s authority. As some sites with the same content do often have different ranking factors, such as site speed, this is very important.   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY WHAT: The mobile version of your website, how it […]

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The “battle cry” far and wide has been about consumers of the internet’s privacy.  CEO after CEO has been paraded through Washington to be cross-examined about what information their company is collecting on “unknowing” users. As consumers we appreciate the guard.  As marketers, it makes our job tougher. Nobody knows at this point where this […]


Sales Leads Begin with “Thumb-Stopping”

Why do some websites generate tons of moving leads daily and others don’t? It’s all about “thumb-stopping.” Thumb-stopping:  Online content that captures someone’s attention enough to stop them from scrolling.  Source: New York Times, page B1, 12/01/20. Ways to achieve thumb-stopping for your website: Expertise: Does your site clearly convey your expertise in your field?  […]

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Site Speed

If you have been reading our Sales Leads newsletter the past few weeks you know that the new metrics based on Web Core Vitals kick in sometime in 2021. That’s only seven weeks away. Are you ready? Let’s hit the basics: FAST LOAD SPEED. Google is not kidding around here. The optimum for when you […]

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